From turning an idea into the formation of a company, to growing, selling or buying a business, Feagans LLC is equipped to guide clients through every stage of the business life cycle. The firm has unparalleled experience in a broad range of business matters, gained from two decades of practicing at large law firms and as general counsel to companies of varying sizes in numerous industries.


According to CB Insights, the third highest reason startups fail is by not having the right team. Based in the entrepreneurial hub of Kansas City, Feagans LLC partners with startup companies nationwide to build a solid foundation and creatively problem solve. The firm advises and guides innovators and early-stage businesses on their corporate legal needs including:

  • Entity formation and selection
  • Partnership and operating agreements
  • Contract review
  • Corporate governance
  • Joint ventures
  • Capital raising
  • Franchising

Existing Companies

For mature companies exploring growth opportunities or planning to sell, Feagans LLC seamlessly integrates into the existing structure to work with leadership and empower better decision-making. With a background in Big Law and in-house at an investment banking firm, Feagans LLC has handled all aspects of numerous mergers and acquisitions.